Class 6 Maths and Science Practice worksheets | Solutions

  • Maths and Science Practice

    Topic wise practice worksheets
  • Practice Tests and Tuition Assignments

  • Maths and Science practice worksheets topic wise caters to the requirement of both normal school curriculum, math Olympiads and Science Olympiads. This creates strong foundation for future competitions like NTSE, JEE examinations.

  • Mathematics

    • Number system
    • Knowing Our Numbers
    • Whole Numbers
    • Playing with Numbers
    • Negative numbers and Integers
    • Fractions
    • Decimals
    • Introductions to Algebra
    • Equations
    • Basic Geometrical Ideas
    • Understanding Elementary Shapes


    Science practice worksheets

    • Food: Where Does It Come From?
    • Components of Food
    • Fibre To Fabric
    • Sorting Materials Into Groups
    • Separation of Substances
    • Changes Around Us
    • Getting To Know Plants
    • Body Movements
    • The Living Organisms And Their Surroundings
    • Motion And Measurement of Distances
    • Light, Shadows And Reflections
    • Electricity And Circuits
    • Fun With Magnets
    • Water
    • Air Around Us
    • Garbage In, Garbage Out