Full stack App development

  • Objective

    Develop an application using highly popular open source full stack components

    Duration of the course / Project

    ~40 hours

    Core components

    • Nodejs
    • Express Javascript
    • React or Angular
    • MongoDB



    Development process

    • Design and modelling
    • User Interface with Reactjs/html/css
    • Server REST API connect using  micromerits cloud API
    • Server REST API implementation using node/mongo stack on users laptops
    • end to end testing 


    Project to be implemented

    Develop full stack user and task management solution with capabilities to create, read, update and delete tasks and users.
    The user should be able to fetch and view the data with various filters and queries.


    The API end points with the corresponding operations are defined below.

    Students need to follow this specification to develop a project using these APIs

    URLs and Operations

    Below are the URLs and the operations associated with them.



    The User URL (/user/) is the base URL for reading and updating User objects and supports the following operations:





    The Task URL (/task/) is the base URL for reading and updating Task objects.  The table below shows all the Task-related operations, their URLs, methods, and payloads.

  • Additional scope

    1. Site Object with CRUD API
    2. The object to include location coordinates
    3. Cron scheduling
    4. Mogodb shell queries

    3rd party integrations

    1. Google maps
    2. Email ( Optional)



    Email: info@micromerits.com

    WhatsApp: +91 78922 72633