Class 7 Maths - IIT foundation practice

  • Prepared by a team of 5 expert teachers, who have more than 10 years of experience in IIT JEE coaching.
    The practice questions are selected based on previous exam pattern and sub-topic weightage.

    *Challenge level practice below has negative marking, much similar to actual JEE pattern.

    Practice Section

    Grade 7 Math – Concept Level Practice Click here

    Grade 7 Math – Challenge Level Practice Click here

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    Notes Section

    Chapter 1: Number System

    1.1 Natural numbers Notes

    1.2 Whole numbers Notes

    1.3 Integers Notes

    1.4 Fractions Notes


    Chapter 2: Rational Numbers

    2.1 Rational Numbers Introduction Notes

    2.2 Operations on Rational numbers Notes

    2.3 Properties of Rational numbers Notes

    2.4 Decimal representation Notes


    Chapter 3: Surds

    3.1 Surds introduction Notes

    3.2 Types of Surds Notes

    3.3 Laws of Radicals Notes

    3.4 Operations on Surds Notes

    3.5 Rationalization of Surds Notes


    Chapter 4: Exponents

    4.1 Exponents Introduction Notes

    4.2 Laws of exponents Notes


    Chapter 5:  Logarithms

    5.1 Logarithms definition Notes

    5.2 Logarithmic functions Notes

    5.3 Types of Logarithms Notes

    5.4 Laws of Logarithms Notes


    Chapter 6: Algebraic expressions

    6.1 Algebraic expressions Notes

    6.2 Types of algebraic expressions Notes

    6.3 Operations on algebraic expressions Notes

    6.4 Special products Notes


    Chapter 7: Factorization of Algebraic expressions

    7.1 G.C.F or H.C.F  of Expressions Notes

    7.2 L.C.M of Expressions Notes 

    7.3 Factorization of expressions Notes

    Chapter 8: Linear Equations

    8.1 Definition Notes

    8.2 Properties of equality Notes

    8.3 Representation of linear equations Notes

    8.4 Coordinate system Notes

    8.5 Graphs of linear equations in two variables Notes

    8.6 Non homogeneous system of linear equations Notes


    Chapter 9: Linear In-equations

    9.1 Definition Notes

    9.2 Properties of Inequations Notes


    Chapter 10: Ratio-and-proportion
    10.1 Introduction Notes

    10.2 Ratio and proportion – Examples Notes