Digital SAT

  • The SAT exam is in digital format (computer based) from March 2024.

    SAT Handbook – Download  SAT-handbook-2.1

    SAT orientation session – sample questions

    What you need to know

    1. The total test duration to be 2 hours 14 mins
    2. The test has two sections – English and Mathematics
    3. 64 mins for English ( Reading and Writing) and 70 mins for Mathematics
    4. You have 10 mins break between English and Mathematics
    5. Students must take the exam at a test center, not at home


    SAT structure


    • The test is adaptive. Each section has two modules.
    • You’ll answer questions from the first module before moving to the next. The questions in the second module depend on how you performed on the first module.
    • Questions in general are multiple choice, though some of the math questions, you may be asked to enter the answer rather than selecting a choice.
    • No negative marks, you can freely give a guess answer too
    • Students can use Calculator throughout their mathematics test



    • Reading and Writing ( English ) – 800
    • Mathematics – 800
    • Total – 1600


    Scores – Important information

    1. Maximum score in  Mathematics – 800
    2. Maximum score in Reading and Writing – 800
    3. Total score ( Maximum) – 1600

    Digital SAT is adaptive. This means, based on the performance in the 1st module, the 2nd module questions could be easier or harder.

    Let’s say, the student provides correct answers less than 70% in the 1st module of Mathematics, then the 2nd module questions would automatically become easier. But the maximum score for the section is capped at 590.  Whereas if the student scores above 70% in the 1st module, then the 2nd module gets tougher, but the student can score up to 800 in Mathematics section.   

    Similar method followed for Reading and writing.

    Summary – 

    1. Whoever scores well in the 1st modules of each subject, would get tougher questions in their 2nd modules.  And they can achieve maximum 1600 score
    2. Whoever scores does not score well in the 1st modules of each subject, would get easier questions in their 2nd modules.  And they can achieve maximum 1180 score, even if they do very well in their 2nd modules

    Mathematics Syllabus

    The SAT Math contains the following topics

    1. Algebra and functions
    2. Advanced Math
    3. Problem-solving and Data Analysis
    4. Geometry and Trigonometry

    Click for SAT Mathematics syllabus topics


    Reading and Writing  – Syllabus

    The SAT English has the following focus areas

    1. Critical reading
    2. Writing and language

    Click for SAT English syllabus topics


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