SAT Exam pattern and basic information

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  • SAT Exam Information

    SAT means Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a paper-based standardized test required for applying to most of the colleges and universities situated in the US. High SAT scores will increase your chances of securing admission to good universities with scholarship offers.

    SAT exam consists of questions from Mathematics and English.

    We provide SAT coaching in both Mathematics and English subjects.

    Details of SAT Math Syllabus – Click here


    Ideally, high school students opt for the SAT examination (age group between 16 and 18) to pursue higher education in USA Universities

    SAT Exam Syllabus

    SAT  syllabus

    • Mathematics
    • Reading Test ( English )
    • Writing (English)

    SAT tests are aimed at assessing student’s academic skills which are developed over the years spent in school.



    The SAT Math contains the following topics

    1. Algebra and functions
    2. Advanced Arithmetic
    3. Geometry
    4. Data analysis & graphs



    There will be 58 questions in all. The questions are divided into two sections

    Math Test – No Calculator ( 25 minutes – 20 Questions)

    Math Test – With Calculator ( 55 minutes – 38 Questions)


    Click for SAT Maths syllabus topics

    Reading Test ( English )

    The SAT  consists of three critical reading sections:

    1. Reading comprehension
    2. Sentence completions
    3. Paragraph-length critical reading

    Reading comprehension test consists of a lot of passages followed by questions to be answered using the information given in the passages.

    Sentence completion problems will require filling in the blanks with appropriate word.

    Paragraph length  critical reading – These short passages are around 7 to 8, about 100 words in length, are usually followed by two questions of analytical in nature.


    Reading Test – ( 65 minutes – 52 Questions)


    Writing and Language Test ( English )

    The SAT  writing has three sections:

    1. Essay section
    2. Multiple choice sections

    The SAT writing sections will assess your ability to improve writing samples, identify writing errors, and produce your own clear, coherent essay.


    Writing Test – ( 35 minutes – 44 Questions)

    Overall Test Duration – 25 + 55 + 65 + 35 = 180 minutes 


    The SAT has one 10-minute break between the Reading and Writing sections and another 5-minute break between the Math No-Calculator and Math Calculator section