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    Algebra Slot Topics to focus on Example questions Questions in class Assignment questions
    Solving linear equations 1 Coverting text into linear functions
    Solving unknown value from linear function
      10 10
    Interpreting linear functions  
    Rate/Rate of change 2 concept of slope, intercepts, problems on rate change   10 20
    Graphing linear equations Sketching graph of linear and studying its nature  
    Linear function word problems writing linear equations from given data and solving them  
    Linear inequations 3 Forming linear inequations and solving them in interval form, representing solution on real number line    10 10
    System of linear inequations 4 Optimising problems in System of linear inequations under the constraints    10 10
    complex numbers 5 complex numbers, conjugate, converting into a+ib form, various simplifications of complex numbers    15 15
    Factoring polynomials Factoring various polynomials, Introducttion to Quadratic and its factoring   
    Complete quadratic and its word problems, graphs 6 Relation b/w roots and coefficients, vertex, Axis , vertex form of quadratic and Maxima and Minima of quadratic   15 15
    Interpreting nonlinear expressions  7 Finding solutions from non linear equations    10 10
    Nonlinear eqation graphs Identifying the graphs from the given information/data  
    Structure in expressions  8 Foctorising using Algebraic identities   10 10
    Isolating quantities Making required variable as subject   
    Exponentials,radicals and word problems on exponentials  9 Laws of exponents, radicals of various index, rationalisation and exponential equations   10 10
    Operations with rational expression and polynomilas 10 horizantal and vertical asymptodes    10 10
    Functions and key features of graphs  11 Domain, range of a function, graphs of different functions and transfermations    10 10
    Linear and exponential growth  12 gowth and decay of linear and exponential functions    10 10
    Linear and quadratic systems Solving system of linear and quadratic equations