School support program for all round skills

  • JEE NEET Foundation Program - Grades 6 to 10

    Advanced content – Practice – Model exams – Assessment Reports

    Highly efficient and technology driven solution – end to end practice and assessment process

    Link to IIT foundation program

  • Concept Level
    • Daily Online Practice
    • Sub-topic wise assessments
    • Enables thorough understanding of concepts
  • Challenge Level 
    • Complex questions with negative marking ( JEE Main pattern)
    • Preparation for various competitions like NTSE, Olympiads
    • Requires Critical thinking and logical derivation 
  • Advanced Level 
    • Complex and highly advanced questions
    • Each question carries multiple answer option and negative marking
    • Enables student’s placement at national level rankings
  • Path to improving essential skills for this generation

    • Practice Worksheets and Assessments

      Our platform provides online access to hundreds of practice worksheets and model exams for class 1 to 10
      in subjects like Maths, Science, English, Aptitude and GK.
      We provide high standard JEE / NEET foundation practice worksheets online for grades 6 to 10.
      JEE / NEET model exams and online practice provided for grades 11 and 12.

    • Languages and Communication development

      Our language experts support schools for enhancing language and communication skills.
      The technology enabled school connect program to help conversation skills with group presentations that instills confidence among the student community.

    • Critical thinking and Problem Solving

      The ability to solve problems creatively and the capacity to analyse and find solutions on real life scenarios –
      are some of the much needed skills for young kids. Through our technology and tools, we facilitate the activities that foster critical thinking and problem solving

    • Computer and programming skills

      In this era of digital world, it is essential for students to acquire technology skills at their schools, to better their career options. Understanding the basics of code writing can also help the student become a better problem solver, and thus in-turn benefits in overall academic excellence



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