• Expressions, equations and functions
      1. Expressions, variables and operations
      2. Composing expressions
      3. Composing equations and inequalities
      4. Representing functions as rules and graphs


    • Exploring real numbers
      1. Number system
      2. Integers and real numbers
      3. Properties of real numbers


    • Linear equations, functions, visualization
      1. Basics of solving equations
      2. Ratios and proportions
      3. Slope of a line
      4. Calculate the rate of change of a linear function
      5. Similar figures
      6. Graphs, coordinate plane, sole and intercept


    • Writing linear equations, functions and real-world problems
      1. domain and range values for real world situations
      2. solve systems of two linear equations with two variables


    • Solving Linear inequalities
      1. Solving compound inequalities
      2. Absolute value equations and inequalities
      3. Linear inequalities in two variables


    • Systems of linear inequalities and equations
      1. Systems of linear inequalities
      2. Substitution and elimination methods


    • Exponents and exponential functions
      1. interpret and write exponential functions in the form f(x) = abx
      2. exponential functions with real world problem
      3. exponential functions – growth and decay


    • Factoring and polynomials
      1. Monomials and polynomials
      2. Special products of polynomials
      3. Factorization of polynomials


    • Quadratic equations
      1. determine the domain and range of quadratic functions
      2. graph quadratic functions on the coordinate plane
      3. solve quadratic equations having real solutions by factoring, taking square roots
      4. estimation and prediction using quadratic equations


    • Radical Expressions
      1. Simplify radical expressions
      2. Radical functions, graphs
      3. Pythagorean theorem
      4. Distance and mid-point formulas


    • Rational Expressions
      1. Simplify rational expressions
      2. Multiply rational expressions
      3. Add, subtraction and division of polynomials
      4. Solving rational expressions