CBSE or ICSE - Which one to choose


CBSE syllabus is more aligned to future competitions like IIT JEE or NEET or NTSE or state board’s CET competitions etc. Maths and Science are compulsory subjects in CBSE. . CBSE is also a simpler choice for parents, as its much easier to get tutors for CBSE especially in subjects like Maths, physics and chemistry.

ICSE syllabus is relatively advanced and tougher than CBSE. The syllabus is comparable to various international boards. The focus in ICSE is more on applications and hence each topic contains more descriptive problems. If the student is hard-working, adaptable, communicative then ICSE gives them more skills depending on school and teachers they deal with. Whereas for majority of  average students, the syllabus is kind of over burden, and make them feel stressed scoring less marks and ranks.

CBSE and Several State Boards treat Science as one exam which is rather easlily manageble for students upto 10th level.  Whereas  ICSE has three different exams for science ( Physics, Chemistry and Biology seperately). Many students in ICSE struggle to score top marks in Science subjects. ICSE Maths has also more focus on commercial mathematics like profit and loss, simple,compound interest etc, which is useful for students who wants to purse their career in commerce and finance later on.

Parents do not get misled by general belief that ICSE gives more scope for students to purse in management studies or GRE/TOEFL/IELTS  etc later on.  Their career after 10+2, depends purely on student’s abilities whichever board they are coming from.

Parents must consider the School’s academic/non-academic excellence before choosing any board of their choice

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