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The importance of learning foreign languages!

Today, on behalf of micromerits.com, we would like to discuss about something that many parents have not really come across or discussed about- ‘The importance of learning new languages for little children’

For any human being, learning a new language improves their self-confidence, vocabulary and literary spectrum.

Did you know that besides these evident facts, learning a new language activate portions of one’s brain that has been subdued for a while?

Languages help you connect with others easily as this helps you establish a common ground. One can connect and relate to other cultures when one learns a new language.

One develops a better perspective towards things, situations and everything else.

Studies say that each time a child learns a new language, especially within the age of six, the child’s brain structure changes to adapt more and to accept more information.

This puts a child at a lot of advantage. Learning a new language helps a child make new friends, read and understand stories and articles in other languages. Learning a foreign language has its own merits altogether. Did you know that knowing a foreign language increases one’s employability?

Companies are always looking for people who know foreign languages, so that they can interact with their foreign clients and improve their value.

So why wait? Kick start your child’s journey into learning a new language right now with micromerits.com

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